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  • do you want coca cola
  • ill share a drink
  • are you thirsty
  • ill give you one in a wink
    In California they want a dollar bill
  • but over here there are prices that kill
  • so do you like a coca cola
    i ask you please
    so think about it a minute and enjoy the breeze
27.10.07 09:45


my heart

  • i must retieve my heart
    cause you´ve torn it apart
  • your capital mean is hate
    and you make me forget about fate
  • no debate
    oh please no debate
    thats what i hate
  • hate is all you give me
    and when i am around you i can´t feel free
    oh please oh please let it be
27.10.07 09:48

cought in the middle

  • caught in the middle
    spinning round and round
  • dancing to the beat
    listening to the sound
  • that must be rock and roll music
    rock and roll music
  • falling around the place
    my head feels like a waste
    gettin on the taste
    feeling all that base
  • that must be rock and roll music yeah
    rock and roll music
27.10.07 09:50

left alone

  • leave me alone
    go head´
    leave me alone
  • play your part and head home
    go there and be gone
  • steal the show
    play your best
    but wirhout me
    i´m here left
  • alone to myself
    alone to the rest
  • and then when noone expects
    i play one of my tests
    that make you detest and make you feel aware
    of that i´m not gone
    I here with you and so long
27.10.07 09:51


  • i am so lonely my dear
    shaking of fear
  • daring to kiss you goodnight
  • i had a dream last night
    of you and me
  • we were dancing by the moonlight
27.10.07 09:52

my firend who picked the tulip

  • my fiend who picked the tulip
    is very very sad
  • my friend who picked the tulip
    plays the drums in a band
  • he plays and plays and plays and plays
  • till his fingers bleed
    to him this is a deed
    to him this is a deed
  • My friend who picked the tulip
    once had a dream
    A fairy shall ask him
    which wish  is his deed
  • He wished for a million
    but ended up realy poor
  • So my friend who picked the tulip
    is now a fancy scum.
27.10.07 09:53


  • i thought we were friends
    but this seems like the end
  • you disappointed me
    but without you i just cannot be
  • you should appologize to me
    maybe you will be abe to see
  • that i still love you
    i adore you
    i am crazy about you
  • i am so fed up with this situation
    if this goes on i really need some recreation
  • my person is ill without your love
    there is so much i like to prove
  • to you my love
    to you
27.10.07 09:54

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